UAE Wins Medals in Brasilia 2017

EPA participated in the Brasilia 2017 World Stamp Exhibition

Sharjah 2017 Stamp Exhibition

EPA and Mega Mall hold Sharjah 2017 Stamp Exhibition from 14-18 November 2017

UAE Wins Gold Medal in Indonesia

EPA participated in the Bandung 2017 World Stamp Exhibition held from 3- 7 August 2017

EPAEX 2017 – Dubai

Emirates Philatelic Association with the co-operation of Dragon Mart 2, hold Stamp Exhibition EPAEX 2017- Dubai

UAE Wins gold Medal in Melbourne

EPA participated in the Melbourne 2017 held from 30 March – 2 April 2017

UAE Wins Two Gold Medals in Taipei

(EPA) participated in the Philataipei 2016 World Stamp Championship Exhibition

UAE Wins Gold Medal in New York

UAE Wins Gold Medal in New York 2016 World Stamp Show

Golden Jubilee of Dubai Chamber 1965-2015 S. Sheet

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Name of the Issue Golden Jubilee of Dubai Chamber 1965-2015  
Release Date 31 December 2015
Denominations AED 1, AED 2, AED3, AED 4
Souvenir Sheet AED 10
Size 30x40 mm in sheets of 12 stamps 
Designer Emirates Post Group in co-operation with Dubai Chamber
Printing Method Offset Lithographic with gold foil
Printer Cartor Security Printing Press - France
Quantities Stamp 25,500 each / S. Sheet 4,000
Golden Jubilee of Dubai Chamber 1965-2015

Since its founding in 1965, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has contributed significantly to the economic development of the Emirate of Dubai and promoted it as a major commercial hub in the region and the world.   

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Chamber in 2015 marks the culmination of the achievements of Dubai under the strategic direction and vision of the wise leadership of the emirate. During these decades, the Chamber has supported Dubai's private sector with crucial data and information as well as research reports and studies on federal and local legislation and ministerial decisions. In the coming years, it will continue to play a pivotal role by encouraging innovation in the development of the business environment in the emirate.