Emirates 2022

EPA will host Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition


EPA with co-operation of Dragon Mart 2 hold Stamp Exhibition EPAEX 2020

UAE Wins Large Gold in Singapore

EPA participated in Singapore 2019 Exhibition

UAE Wins Medals in Wuhan, China

EPA participated in CHINA 2019 World Stamp Exhibition held in Wuhan, China

UAE Wins 5 Gold Medals in Bangkok



EPA with co-operation of Dragon Mart 2 hold Stamp Exhibition EPAEX 2019

UAE Wins Gold Medal in Macao

EPA participated in the Macao 2018 Asian International Stamp Exhibition


PHILANIPPON 2021 FIAP Stamp Exhibition (25-30 August 2021)  
Exhibitor Exhibit Title Medal
Emirates Philatelic Association  Al Zajel Magazine  Large Silver
Mutaz Osman Postal History of the UAE Large Silver
Abraham Accords Philatelic Exhibition 2021 (15-30 June)  
Exhibitor Exhibit Title Medal
Abdulla Khoory Abu Dhabi From Trucial States to the U.A.E Court of Honour
Thomas Johansen Muscat 1864 to 1948: The development of the Indian Post Office in Eastern Arabia Large Gold +GP
Saeed Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi UAE Stamps Vermeil + SP
Omar Mohammad Ahmad A Glance on Stamps Used in Dubai Vermeil
Saeed Bin Abdulla UAE Stamps (1973-1985) Vermeil
Ali Abdulrahman Ahmad Ali The Stations Postal Markings of Egypt Vermeil
Canberra Stampshow 2020 (13-15 March)  
Exhibitor Exhibit Title Medal
Abdulla Khoory Dubai Postal History 1909-1948 Large Gold
Muhammad Javaid UAE POSTAL HISTORY 1972-2000 Gold
Khalid Ali Al Omaira Ajman Postal History 1948-1973 Silver
Vsanth Kumaran Ganesan Monuments of the World Silver
Apurva Ganesan Every Flower is Soul Blossoming in Nature Large Vermeil
EPAEX 2020 – Dubai (3-7 March)  
Exhibitor Exhibit Title Medal
Ahmad Bin Eisa Alserkal Abu Dhabi Stamps 1963-1973 Gold+Best GCC
Nasser Bin Ahmad Alserkal Dubai Stamps Vermeil
Thomas Johansen The Development of the Independent Postal Administration of Oman 1966 to 1973 Vermeil
Ali Abdulrahman Ahmad Dubai International Reply Coupon 1966-1973 Large Vermeil
Emory Earl Toops Trucial States Palm Trees & Dhow Series of 1961 Large Vermeil
Ali Hassan Almulla A Post Office in Manama Bronze
Khalid Ali Al Omaira Dubai - The Temporary Postal Administration (Pakistan) Large Vermeil
P. C. Ramachandran Postal history of Singapore and Malaya Bronze
Mohammad Hassan Almarzooqi Bahrain Postal Stationery Large Silver
Khalid Mohammed Hassan Haj Mail from Pakistan 1959-1961 Silver
Sandra Weaver Victoria Falls Large Vermeil
Amer AlZarouni Miniature and Souvenir Sheets of the UAE Silver Bronze
Roshan Prasad The Stamp Collector’s Dictionary Bronze