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National Program for Happiness and Positivity - 2017

Name of the Issue National Program for Happiness and Positivity
Release Date 20 March 2017
Denominations AED 2 (8 stamps)
Souvenir Sheet AED 15
Size 30x40mm in sheets of 8 stamps
Designer Emirates Post Group in co-operation with  National Program for Happiness and Positivity
Printing Method Offset Lithographic
Printer Oriental Printing Press - Bahrain
Quantities Stamp 200,000 / S. Sheet 4,000 
National Program for Happiness and Positivity

Logo Story 

The National Program for Happiness and Positivity launched the "Happiness and Positivity Through the Eyes of the UAE’s Children" initiative and turned to the world’s greatest happiness experts: children; to participate in shaping the logo of the program. Nobody understands happiness better than kids. They know how to live in the moment. They experience joy, enthusiasm and contentedness with a purity and intensity that most adults struggle to recapture. 

Thousands of primary school students were invited to draw a picture to answer a simple question: “How do you see happiness and positivity?” No rules or boundaries were set, in order to inspire fresh and authentic ideas.

The children replied with a burst of creativity, in every color and topic imaginable that would make people smile. The children’s visions of happiness became the official public logo for the National Program for Happiness and Positivity.  

The crowdsourcing approach used in creating the logo was uniquely collaborative and reflected that building a happier country is a joint national mission. 

The National Program for Happiness and Positivity aims for the UAE to be among the happiest countries in the world, and for happiness and positivity to be a lifestyle and the higher purpose of government work in the UAE. 

The Program has 3 main pillars: 

1.Happiness and Positivity in Work 

2. Measuring Happiness and Positivity 

3. Happiness and Positivity as a Lifestyle